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A Place Among the Stars

The Northern Lights in Alaska (Photo: Creative Commons)

In an audio essay, Gabe discusses the various communities he’s becoming a part of in Nome and Western Alaska, and some of the challenges that come with moving to this new, far-away place.

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An autumn sunset in Nome turns the sky purple, pink, and orange.

Volunteers go off to do all sorts of things after KNOM. Zoe, who hopes to make radio forever, explains how she came to the station–and talks to Gabe about how working with sound is giving him new ideas about the work he wants to do in another field.

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The volunteer class of 2017-2018 poses with the iconic wagon wheel at the Cape Nome Roadhouse, where they had their first volunteer retreat.

At last weekend’s autumn retreat, Zoe says, the KNOM volunteers and friends bunked down in a beachside roadhouse to share stories, play games, and think about the year to come.

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Tundra to Table

It’s a food-focused edition of the volunteer audioblog: Karen talks about their victory winning a salmon filet and options for preparing it, Zoe reveals how they get fresh greens, and Gabe recounts his experiences at an Eskimo feast.

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