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Life in Nome

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Jenna on the Nome sea wall

Welcome Home Storm

When volunteer Dayneé Rosales returned to Nome from her vacation (in between her service terms), she was greeted in true Western Alaska fashion: with a severe fall storm.

Pilgrim road

Roads and Roots

“I slide the card across the counter, and the lady on the other side hands me a new one, still warm from the printer,” Anna Rose writes. It’s a rite of passage for all our volunteers: getting an Alaska driver’s license.

Tara on the tundra

“Know Thyself.”

As I was browsing through podcasts and possible spot content yesterday, I came across one that centered around this quote: “Know thyself.” Credited to Socrates and…

Teller Road screenshot

Frontier Individualism

Yesterday, Zach came across an article by Gene Weingarten from the May 1, 2005 edition of the Washington Post Magazine in which Weingarten describes Nome as…

Summertime run with a sled dog team

States of Exception

I had a great weekend. Which was much needed, because I’d had a hard week. Our blog posts represent, in many ways, states of exception. I…


I can’t believe that no one has written about going mushing. Last week Tara, Zach, and I joined a local KNOM volunteer on one of his…

Gold mining dredge near Nome, Alaska

Close(r) To The Land

Up until now, I’ve never lived for any significant chunk of time anywhere that wasn’t a city. Boston, New York, New Haven, Istanbul, Prague, anywhere I’ve…