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On-Air Updates (2014)

Dallas Seavey & Aliy Zirkle finish two minutes apart

Dallas Seavey, the 2014 Iditarod champion

As this year’s Iditarod reached a late turning point in a jumble of the leaders, Dallas Seavey was unaware he was approaching his second victory coming into the finish line. Charging up the chute just two minutes later, Aliy Zirkle was also unaware of how close she was to catching the leader. Both logged finishes…

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On-Air Update: Monday, March 10 (12p)

Mushers are making their way to the finish in Nome, arriving at the final checkpoint requiring a mandatory layover: White Mountain. After this, the race is truly on to Nome. Jeff King will hit the trail at 3:02p and Aliy Zirkle will follow at 3:59p. Four mushers have made it to this checkpoint, including King…

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On-Air Update: Sunday, March 9 (12p)

The top seven leaders of Iditarod 42 are out of Shaktoolik, continuing the run on the bare, icy, tundra of a trail up the coast. As Aliy remains in lead, followers may actually have an advantage as their dogs are following her scent over a somewhat new trail compared to past years. Reroute after reroute,…

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On-Air Update: Saturday, March 8 (12p)

As of 12 o’clock today, leading mushers are charging the end of the Yukon toward Unalakleet, leapfrogging positions, fighting their way to the coast. Daynee and Ric chat in Studio A about the standings, run times, and the expected rough trail ahead as mushers hit Unalakleet and head north west along the coast. With relatively…

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On-Air Update: Friday, March 7 (12p)

The leaders are on the Yukon, making their way through Ruby, Galena, Nulato, and Kaltag. All racers have to take a mandatory 8 hour layover at one of these points along the river, so standings on paper are still not yet reliable on where mushers fall in the actual lineup. In Kaltag, it will become…

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On-Air Update: Thursday, March 6 (12p)

On the air with Zach and Daynee, as of 12:00noon, mushers are stretched from Ruby to Nikolai. Jeff King led the rush to Ruby, where he will wait for the next 24 hours (and enjoy a multiple course meal catered by the Anchorage Millennium Hotel). Sonny Lindner followed close behind also declaring his 24-hour layover.…

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On-Air Update: Wednesday, March 5 (12p)

This afternoon’s news is 24 hour layovers: some mushers like Zirkle and Petit are taking them, some like Buser and Maixner have them completed, and a handful of mushers are continuing up the trail to Cripple, delaying their 24 a little longer. That pack, led by Aaron Burmeister, includes Jeff King, Sonny Lindner, John Baker…

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On-Air Update: Tuesday, March 4 (5pm)

Aliy Zirkle is the second into, and the first out of, McGrath as of 4:54pm this afternoon. Big news this evening as mushers continue to traverse the rough and rocky trail from Rainy Pass through Rohn and to Nikolai: Jake Berkowitz is among the most recent to announce his scratch. Strategy continues to play a…

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On-Air Update: Monday, March 3 (12p)

speed: embrace it, or control it? This seems to be the question facing mushers for the early part of Iditarod 42. A strategic decision divides two large packs of mushers as the second day of racing carries on through some of the most technically challenging stretches of trail.

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