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Iditarod 2014


The End of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Today was the day. The day I returned all the Iditarod books and documentaries that have been keeping us busy for the past three weeks. We have been in the Idita-zone for so long, now what? What is our purpose?! Our new joke is that we have no purpose. Iditarod is over- life is over.…

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Kotzebue’s John Baker with a gracious finish

Kotzebue’s John Baker pulled into Nome as the sun began to rise to finish his run of the 2014 Iditarod. Placing 19th this year, 2011 champion John Baker said that the trail favored certain teams’ dogs, and his wasn’t one of them. “Our team didn’t do quite as good as I wanted to or expected…

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Richie Diehl & Matt Failor: 14th & 15th into Nome

Richie Diehl and Matt Failor arrived into Nome under the burled arch this morning within minutes of each other. Aniak’s Richie arrived at 7:35am with his team of 10, followed closely by Matt Failor and his 11 dogs at 7:42am. A new generation of mushers is coming up in the Iditarod ranks, and these two are among…

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A brisk run into Nome, Bethel’s Pete Kaiser

Pulling under the burled arch in the darkness of morning, Bethel’s Pete Kaiser finished the 2014 Iditarod in 13th place. Pete was greeted by his girlfriend and son, a group of race officials, and fans. Pete’s young team arrived with a pep in their step and frost on their faces. Since they are young dogs, he…

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A warm welcome for Mike Williams, Jr., 11th place in Iditarod 42

Mike Williams, Jr. at the finish line

With his sister standing beside him under the Burled Arch – and boisterous race fans literally singing and dancing by the race chute – musher Mike Williams, Jr. had ample sources of support and congratulation upon his arrival into Nome in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The Kuskokwim-area musher (Williams is from Akiak, Alaska)…

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Martin Buser fought his way to a sixth place finish in Nome

Martin Buser Arrived under the burled arch this afternoon at 3:58pm. Appreciating a warm welcome from friends and family, Buser was overcome with emotion, and still reeling from the tough race that was Iditarod 42. Martin Buser was one of the many mushers to incur injury along the early parts of the trail who chose…

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