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On-Air Updates (2011)

Who? and When?

text and photo by David Dodman; audio by David Dodman, Laureli Kinneen, and Linda Maack On the eve of the Iditarod finish, a lot of fervent race fans are asking themselves the same two questions: who’s going to win this race? And when will that happen? For now, the first question is almost impossible to…

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On-Air Update: Monday, March 14 (5pm)

audio by Ric Schmidt and Ben Matheson Hear Monday’s 5pm on-air Iditarod Update: almost certainly the last before we have a champion! Tonight, Ric and Ben talked about John Baker’s and Ramey Smyth’s chances at the 2011 championship and ran down the rest of the leader board:

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On-Air Update: Sunday, March 13 (5pm)

audio by Ric Schmidt and Ben Matheson Hear our on-air Iditarod Update from 5pm Sunday. Ric and Ben discuss the race standings into the Norton Sound coast, John Baker’s lead, and even potential times for this week’s championship finish:

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On-Air Update: Tuesday, March 8 (5pm)

audio by Ric Schmidt, Ben Matheson, and Laureli Kinneen Hear one of our on-air updates from Tuesday night. In this 5pm broadcast, Ric, Ben, and Laureli – on the phone from the trail – talk about Paul Gebhardt’s scratch, the fast trail, and lots more: Again, you can hear Iditarod Updates on KNOM (96.1fm, 780am)…

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On-Air Update: Monday, March 7 (5pm)

audio by Ric Schmidt, Ben Matheson and Laureli Kinneen Throughout Iditarod 39, you’ll hear daily Iditarod Updates on KNOM at 9am, 12noon, 5pm, and 8pm. We’ll be posting each day’s 5pm update on this blog. Here’s Monday’s 5pm update, co-hosted by Ric Schmidt and Ben Matheson with a live call from trail reporter Laureli Kinneen…

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