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Breakfast Wednesday

Breakfast Wednesday: Breakfast Sandwiches

Today on Breakfast Wednesday, we are having an open-faced breakfast sandwich party! Eggs are invited. Tomatoes are, too. Bring your friends! Tell your family! Leave the kids at home! They can fend for themselves! (Kidding. They should be in school.) Recipe? As always, too simple: 1 Whole wheat English muffin 1 thick slice of tomato…

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Breakfast Wednesday: The Sunshine Pegg-per!

For Breakfast Wednesday this week… the Sunshine Pegg-per (as named by the KNOM staff)! This protein-packed carb-free breakfast is a great way to start your day! Bell peppers are naturally fat free. One large egg contains 6.7 grams of total fat, with 2 of those grams being saturated fat. The other 4.7 grams are unsaturated fat,…

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Breakfast Wednesday: Orange Chicken and Waffles

Waffles with syrup

Still have some whole wheat pancake mix left over from last week? Let’s use it to make waffles! But, what shall we top the waffles with? Oh! Orange sauce and pulled chicken! This takes VERY LITTLE prep work. Ingredients: (serves 2-4) 4 half chicken-breasts 2 cups Orange Juice 2-4 oranges (if on hand) 2 Tbs…

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Recipes: Cinnamon Applesauce

Try this hot applesauce on top of whole wheat pancakes for a healthy and delicious breakfast! Applesauce Needed: Large Crockpot or dutch oven 5-8 pounds of apples Cinnamon, ground Slice and core the apples – no need to peel them! Add apple slices to the bottom of the crockpot or dutch oven on one layer…

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