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Update News: January 8th, 2014

In Wednesday’s News: Rep. Neil Foster briefed constituents in Nome on upcoming legislative session, addressing budget cuts, deep-draft port, HB-77, and redistricting; U.S. District Court sentences former president of Native Village of Tatitlek on misapplication charges; Bernice Joseph, renown Native leader and educator, passed away Tuesday morning; Climate scientist Dr. Jennifer Francis explains how alterations…

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Profile: Historic Cultural Trauma

November is Alaska Native and Native American Heritage month. The second week of this month, the community of Nome engaged in dialogue on the historic cultural trauma experienced by Alaska Natives. The Nome Social Justice Task Force commissioned Jim LaBelle, an Alaska Native Studies professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage, to lead the discussion.…

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Profile: Pilgrim Hot Springs Geothermal Project

Since late August, researchers and drillers have been living on site at Pilgrim Hot Springs, working around the clock to answer Nome’s energy question: Can Pilgrim fuel a geothermal power plant? Engineers say yes. And a crew has been collecting data all summer to confirm that answer. Listen below to hear an in depth review…

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Profile: Government Shutdown

On Tuesday the federal government shutdown, sending an estimated 13,000 Alaska federal employees on furloughs and closing down or restricting many federal services. So what does this mean for Alaska— the state with the third highest number of federal employees, the state with one-third of its jobs receiving federal funding, and the state with the…

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Profile: Gold Miner Igor Sudarkin

During this summer, KNOM has been featuring stories of our Nome neighbors involved in gold mining. As the summer comes to a close, KNOM is featuring our final story in the Gold Miner Profile series. Meet Igor Sudarkin – dredge co-owner, commercial diver and engineer in hyperbaric diving. This is his third year gold mining…

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Profile: Nome’s Cultural Planners Group

Nome’s Cultural Planners Group is hosting a Fall Fun Fest in Nome this weekend. This is the third event the group has planned for the community, so KNOM’s Margaret DeMaioribus sat down with group spokesperson, Marjorie Tahbone, to learn about the how the group got started. Learn about the Nome Cultural Planners Group here: http://www.knom.org/wp-audio/2013/08/2013-08-22-profile-nome-cultural-planners-group.mp3  …

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Profile: Gold Miner Kenny Hughes

The town quite often referred to as the Gold Rush City has seen an influx of people in the summer the past few years. And this summer, KNOM has been talking with our gold mining neighbors. This week we talked with someone who was born in Nome. Meet Kenny Hughes. He began gold panning on…

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Profile: Growing Native

Tundra berry

Nome will be featured in the Alaska episode of Growing Native, an upcoming public television series about native people reclaiming traditional ways of harvesting and eating food. The seven-part series is directed by Chris Eyre, a Cheyenne and Arapaho filmmaker known for the critically acclaimed 1998 film Smoke Signals.  The Growing Native production team visited Nome…

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