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The Nome Static

New AM Transmitter & Tech Tune-Ups

Two men look on while a Catholic priest prepares to read a blessing at the remote site of KNOM Radio's AM transmitter.

The KNOM mission is benefitting this summer from recent maintenance work. From its AM transmitter site, new hardware and a newly realigned tower are beaming positive programming throughout 100,000 square miles of Western Alaska.

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Education Successes

A high school graduate walks on a gymnasium floor in her graduation gown, wearing traditional, Alaska Native mukluks.

Hand-built computers, berry-picking as a metaphor for success, and grads with advanced degrees in reindeer herding: recent KNOM News stories have highlighted examples of academic achievement with a distinctively Western Alaska flair.

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In Nome, a Legacy of Service

Color guard, bearing flags, leads the 2018 Memorial Day parade through Nome.

Along Nome’s main thoroughfare, Front Street, there stands a bronze statue of a man wearing a traditional parka and holding a rifle. It’s a silent reminder of Alaska’s unique military history, a history that stretches back for decades before statehood.

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Camaraderie and Culture

Side-by-side pictures of an NYO competitor preparing for, then executing, a one-foot high kick inside the St. Michael school gym.

If you ask a Western Alaska school-aged child to name their favorite sport, the most common response will likely be “Native Youth Olympics,” or NYO. The games aren’t just a way for students to compete and develop athletic skills; they’re also a means for youth to connect to subsistence culture and learn to support each other.

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Kids Care for Community

Woman, standing, addresses classroom of elementary school students, their teacher, and a park ranger, all seated.

“How do we take care of others?” asks the voice of a child in a radio spot airing this summer on KNOM. It’s part of a new series in which “radio rangers” explore how to be responsible members of one’s community.

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Kotlik Catalyst

Black and white photo of elderly woman inside her home.

Students in Kotlik, Alaska, have recently made a special connection with an elder in their village, building a relationship that may grow into a community-wide program of outreach and support. The spark was a friendly KNOM listener who told her life story on our airwaves.

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