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Iditarod 2013

A rookie way out front: Joar Leifseth Ulsom, in Anvik

Joar Leifseth Ulsom says his dogs are “running at a nice pace,” which, on Friday morning, seems like an understatement. The 26-year-old Norwegian is an accomplished musher internationally but a rookie to the Last Great Race, and by a sizable margin, he’s easily the lead rookie of this year’s Iditarod (so far, at least). Ulsom…

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Rested, from Iditarod: Mackey & Lindner

Lance Mackey and Sonny Lindner hit the trail to Shageluk in the 10’o clock hour last night, fresh from a 24-hour layover in the Iditarod checkpoint. Lance abandoned his original plan to push to Anvik for his 24, taking into account the long, hard run getting to Iditarod from Ophir. The trail was “demanding,” and…

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Burmeister Upbeat at Iditarod

After resting for 5 hours 19 minutes, Aaron Burmeister left Iditarod at 6:05pm Thursday – most likely for a 90-mile run through the hills to Shageluk and on to Anvik. Two teams departed before him – Martin Buser at 2pm and Aliy Zirkle at 5:20pm. Burmeister left with 15 dogs and hinted that when his…

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On-Air Update: Thursday, March 7 (5pm)

In Thursday night’s 5pm Iditarod Update, Laureli Kinneen, live from Anvik, joins David Dodman and Dayneé Rosales to talk about the race to the Yukon, extreme weather, trail conditions, and the mushers to keep a close eye on as Iditarod 41 rolls forward:    

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Leaving first from Iditarod: Martin Buser

Martin Buser is moving into the lead this afternoon, the first to hit the trail heading from Iditarod to Shageluk. For the moment, he’s in the lead of this great race. The question everyone has on their mind is if he can maintain that lead. Buser acknowledges the risk he’s taken this year: “Anytime you make…

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Louie Ambrose on his layover “mistake”

“I made a mistake declaring my layover,” rookie Louie Ambrose says of his recent run in Iditarod 2013. The St. Michael, Alaska musher (who was born in Tanana and raised in Galena) reports that he originally intended to take his mandatory 24-hour layover in Ophir but, in retrospect, wishes he had stopped in McGrath. Ultimately, Ambrose…

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