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Iditarod 2011

Lance Mackey on Dogs and a “Perfect Race”

audio by Laureli Kinneen; text by David Dodman; photo by Ben Matheson Does Lance Mackey – or any of the other mushers in Iditarod 39, for that matter – need a “perfect race” to win this year’s Iditarod? The four-time Iditarod champion doesn’t think so. When he talked to our trail reporter Laureli in Anchorage,…

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On-Air Update: Monday, March 7 (5pm)

audio by Ric Schmidt, Ben Matheson and Laureli Kinneen Throughout Iditarod 39, you’ll hear daily Iditarod Updates on KNOM at 9am, 12noon, 5pm, and 8pm. We’ll be posting each day’s 5pm update on this blog. Here’s Monday’s 5pm update, co-hosted by Ric Schmidt and Ben Matheson with a live call from trail reporter Laureli Kinneen…

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Hometown Mushers Hit the Trail

text by David Dodman; photos by Ben Matheson; audio by Laureli Kinneen Note: Melissa Owens, one of the mushers mentioned in this story, has just scratched from Iditarod as of early Tuesday morning. More on that shortly. Western Alaska has a number of local mushers to follow in the 39th Iditarod. From the Kuskokwim Delta…

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Taking Care of the Dogs

audio by Laureli Kinneen; photo by Ben Matheson; text by David Dodman You’ll hear it often from the mushers: “the dogs are the real athletes of Iditarod.” It’s not just false modesty. Over more than 1,000 miles of challenging Alaskan terrain, the dogs are the ones that, literally, move the Last Great Race forward: over…

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New Year, New Look, Still Yours for Race Season

Here we go again! Iditarod 2011 – the 39th Last Great Race – is upon us. After yesterday’s ceremonial start in Anchorage, the mushers of Iditarod 39 depart today in earnest and start their 1,000-mile-long trek to Nome. At KNOM, we’re thrilled to be with you for another year of Iditarod coverage – on the…

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