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‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season for holly jolly and merry-making, for snowmen and skating and Santa. It would be untrue for me to say I don’t miss being home for the holidays- making cookies with family, driving around to see homes decked out in full Christmas attire, seeing friends home from various adventures. What I do not…

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Breakfast Wednesday: The Sunshine Pegg-per!

For Breakfast Wednesday this week… the Sunshine Pegg-per (as named by the KNOM staff)! This protein-packed carb-free breakfast is a great way to start your day! Bell peppers are naturally fat free. One large egg contains 6.7 grams of total fat, with 2 of those grams being saturated fat. The other 4.7 grams are unsaturated fat,…

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Take that, SAD

It’s a dark, cold season in Alaska, but Tara says there are lots of ways to keep cheery: from Latin dance classes and yoga to multivitamins and time with the “sunbox.”

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Expectations and Assumptions


One of the greatest lessons I learned during college was not from college itself, but from a dear friend of mine. Throughout the semester I would run myself ragged, keeping up with classes and various club duties, working at internships and a job and attempting to also have a social life. I felt like I…

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“Know Thyself.”

Tara on the tundra

As I was browsing through podcasts and possible spot content yesterday, I came across one that centered around this quote: “Know thyself.” Credited to Socrates and recorded by Plato, it was explained this takes on more significance when you understand one of the most important values in Greek culture: areté. The word areté in Greek…

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The Power of Trust

Along the road

“I have been amazed at the responsibility we are entrusted with at the station,” first-year volunteer Tara Cicatello says. “But we make it work.”

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Constant Reminders

Tara in front of the Welcome to Nome sign

Twenty-one days. I have been in Nome three weeks and yet I feel as though I have been here much, much longer. I had to continually remind myself on the plane that I was doing it. I was leaving the only home I’ve ever known to spend a year in Alaska. Most people thought I…

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