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April ice, and a prestigious award

The winter weather continues: temperatures hover near zero as more ice forms on the Bering Sea. The frigid temperatures bring dazzling, clear, sunlit days and awe-inspiring nights…

April 2004: In the media

April 16, 2004 This month’s issue of Catholic Digest features a 6-page article on KNOM, condensed from a piece in January’s St. Anthony Messenger.  The magazine titles the article “Best…

The gift

Our inspirational spot for the week: Life is the gift that keeps on giving.


Our inspirational spot for the week: When someone does you wrong, don’t do what comes naturally. Do what comes supernaturally.

Happy Easter!

From all of us at KNOM, a very Happy Easter! In Western Alaska, there are already a few signs of spring. The temperatures are warming slightly,…

April 1999: A stormy Easter

April 4 (Easter Sunday), 1999 The weather is fine for Easter egg hunting today, but at nightfall, a blizzard suddenly kicks up. The wind blows so…

Friends and fashions

Our inspirational spot for the week: Unlike the latest fashions, friends don’t go out of style, and if you’re careful, you won’t wear them out, either.