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The Calm After The Storm

Iditarod 2012 is over! Life is returning to its regular pace, and Nome is calming down after the flood of visitors and excitement.  Routine responsibilities are back, but the memory of the craziness of Iditarod Nome is still fresh. Congratulations to Dallas Seavey, and all the rest of the finishers on a job well done!…

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Solar Storms, Crab Cleaning, and Iditarod

Hi!  Bekah here, The past few nights have been predicted to have massive amounts of solar activity, and that means the potential for great Northern Lights is significantly increased!  Hopefully a Aurora viewing expedition will be in the works tonight or tomorrow night, and that it will also be successful!  I heard that as far…

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Get Along Little Irondoggies, Get Along

Hello Bekah here! This week at work we have been covering a snow machine race: the Irondog 2012. The route goes from Anchorage to here in Nome, where it took about a day and a half pause, and continues on to Fairbanks. Snow machine races are so different from dog team races; for one, they…

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Beautiful Winter Days, Exciting Races, and New Music

Hello everyone, Rebekah here! The weather this week has been amazing. Last week we were still trudging through with 30 below zero temperatures daily, then it warmed up enough to snow this weekend, and snow it did (about 10 inches.) Now the temperature has been hovering around 30 ABOVE!  That’s a sixty-degree difference; back home…

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Top of the morning to ya, from the top of the world!

Hi, my name is Bekah, and no, I am not Irish! I am the Music Director here at KNOM!  My job includes taking care of our music library (which takes up most of the second floor!), listening to and choosing new music to add to our library, producing a couple spots (including a movie soundtrack…

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