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Creative Constraints

There’s something about a limit that causes a burst of creativity. Sure, at first, a limit creates a sense of hopelessness – “How are we ever going to get this done with THIS absurd rule” – but then, it becomes a point of pride to be able to produce something of quality despite the limitations.…

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Being Social

There’s a funny thing that happens in small towns – you get to the point that you can’t walk around town without running into someone you know. And, since it’s a small town, you walk around a lot. Even when Mayvember weather hits. (And, recent news sources close to home have suggested that Mayvember may…

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What’s the mission of the Mission?

Listening to the radio involves a complicated set of choices – you have to want to have something to listen to, choose which station fits you at this point in time, and then continue to passively choose to listen. Some people make those choices based on their desire for company, some for the purpose of…

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