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Frontier Individualism

Teller Road screenshot

Yesterday, Zach came across an article by Gene Weingarten from the May 1, 2005 edition of the Washington Post Magazine in which Weingarten describes Nome as “the last outpost, Babylon on the Bering, famously dissolute, said to be home to the desperate, the disillusioned, the hollow-eyed, the surrendered, the exiles, the castaways, the cutthroats, the…

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I can’t believe that no one has written about going mushing. Last week Tara, Zach, and I joined a local KNOM volunteer on one of his tri-weekly dog runs. He’s training for Iditarod qualifiers, and is starting to get into full season runs. He owns three dog teams: one for himself, one that belongs to…

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Radio Ethics and Art

Sound board in Studio C

As the new volunteers spend time together during our first week as a house, we are reflecting a lot on our training at KNOM and how it relates to our previous work and schooling experiences. I studied Anthropology and was indoctrinated in anthropological ethics including: who do you interview, what do you record, what do…

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Becoming a Nomeite

I arrived in Nome four weeks ago, and have been getting settled into my role as Music Director at KNOM. This first post is a little bit more serious than I had planned, but it stems from a very basic part of my experience here so far: from Anchorage to Nome to Woolley Lagoon, people…

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