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Welcome Home Storm

When volunteer Dayneé Rosales returned to Nome from her vacation (in between her service terms), she was greeted in true Western Alaska fashion: with a severe fall storm.

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Turbulent Cultural Re-Entry

A road in Gambell, Alaska

This is a term that gets thrown around in the service world and in the military. What does it mean? Re-entering your old life after being away “in service” may be shocking and overwhelming. It may be strange to think about culture shock within the United States but that’s the beauty of Western Alaska—it may…

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Time Flies When You’re Getting Old

KNOM staff roster in station lobby

For the first time in my life I am the oldest person in my household.  I am not that much older than my fellow KNOM volunteers but if you put into account that one volunteer year feels like five years worth of growth then by mathematical calculations I am now 30. 30! Holy cow. I’m…

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Kingikmiut Dance Festival

“Can you tell me a bit about the dance? What does it mean?” “That was my father’s dance. He wrote it and performed it, now I carry it on.” “I think this was about a seal. We’ve lost the translation so we don’t know for sure.” “Ohhhh… [laughs]. Well then, I have to tell you…

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Communicorn, Eva, and Me

Communicorn (n.) A Community unicorn; a toy unicorn shared by a community; a community-centered unicorn that excels in the field of mass communications. See also, unicorns (magical creature), and The Unicorns (band). Donated to the KNOM Volunteer house by our late music director, the Communicorn comes to us with a wide range of talents. He…

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Adventure Safety

Imagine you have a dog. You love your dog. His name is Mittens. You are walking down the street with Mittens when, suddenly, you encounter a huge herd of muskox. But wait, there’s more! There’s mama muskox, papa muskox, and even a little baby muskox (aww… baby muskox) and your dog is barking waaay to…

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Midnight Sun Folk Fest and the David Wax Museum

I have said this before but I’ll say it again: Nome may be a small town but there is always something going on. If you are motivated and passionate enough about a cause, there is usually an army of Nomeite volunteers willing to help you in your endeavors. In this week’s case, I am talking…

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Bolaskan Cuisine

KNOM volunteers sometimes receive care packages from friends and family in the lower 48. When these  packages come, boy, it’s like a party at the post office. I’m not kidding. Mail pick-up is one of the most exciting things to happen to us, right next to summer temperatures and village travel opportunities. For me, the…

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