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Jeff King scratches

Jeff King, talking to the press

In a stunning turn of events, musher Jeff King has scratched from Iditarod 42. The musher, who was in a commanding lead mere hours ago – a lead that, in most Iditarod years, would have been likely insurmountable – was stopped just shy of the Safety checkpoint by severely strong winds. According to Iditarod.com’s Joe…

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In Unalakleet: rookie Abbie West, traversing the Great Land

Abbie West interviews with Laureli, Unalakleet

Caring for her dogs under clear skies in Unalakleet on Sunday afternoon, Abbie West, in sizing up her first experience with the Iditarod, seemed content to balance the good with the bad. It’s definitely been a challenge, she says, but also an adventure. And besides, she’s currently the lead rookie. West spoke with Laureli Kinneen…

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Doing the math: when to Nome?

With Iditarod 42’s leaders now well into the Norton Sound coast checkpoints, it’s time to break out the calculator. It’s far too early to predict a champion, but how about when the championship finish might happen? As with every year, let’s get a big caveat out of the way: this is a race, of course, which…

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Kaiser, in Unalakleet, running a rebuilding team to Nome

Pete Kaiser in Ruby, taking an 8-hour layover, Friday

“I don’t have my sights set on anybody,” Bethel musher Pete Kaiser says. In the remaining few days of the race, his goals are relatively straightforward. “(Let’s) just get to Nome as fast as we safely can, and whomever we pass, we pass, and whoever passes us, passes us.” On Sunday morning, Kaiser caught up…

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Photos: a Saturday pivot to the coast

Sonny Lindner arrives into Unalakleet, Saturday evening

From Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning, Iditarod 42’s competitors have been moving from one body of water to another: off of the Yukon River and onto the Norton Sound coast. Yesterday, race leaders were passing through the transitional checkpoints of Kaltag and Unalakleet – Kaltag, the last of the Yukon stopovers (and the last chance…

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Jeff King, at Unalakleet, “glad” to be with the front-runners

Jeff King inside the Unalakleet checkpoint

With dogs that “know where we are” and look “so strong,” Jeff King hit the Norton Sound coast Saturday night. He arrived into Unalakleet at 7:29pm with 12 dogs. Talking with KNOM’s Laureli Kinneen inside the Unalakleet checkpoint, the musher was relieved to be taking a layover amongst Iditarod 42’s front of the pack. “I’m…

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Aliy Zirkle, first to the Norton Sound

Aliy Zirkle, mushing into Unalakleet

“I didn’t know until 8 miles ago that Martin (Buser) wasn’t ahead of me,” Iditarod musher Aliy Zirkle said at the Unalakleet checkpoint Saturday evening. Pulling into Unalakleet well within daylight hours – 4:39pm on Saturday – Zirkle was praised for her fast, potentially record-breaking arrival time. A large crowd of well-wishers and race fans was…

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