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A return to Nome

I’ve heard people in Nome say that there’s a rubber band effect when leaving town. You move out of Nome to venture far in the world, but soon the rubber band snaps you back to Nome. I left Nome in June of last year, but I’m lucky to be back volunteering at KNOM for a…

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Profile: Preserving and Revitalizing Alaska’s Native Languages

The Governor has until December to name members to the Alaska Native Language Preservation and Advisory Council. The group will be made of language experts from around the state who will advise the governor and legislature on language policy. Dr. Lawrence Kaplan, the director of the Alaska Native Language Center at the University of Alaska…

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Profile: The Evolving National Guard

As the military’s mission evolves, the National Guard wants to boost the western Alaska force and establish stronger operations at home. Brigadier General Mike Bridges, the commander of the Alaska Army National Guard, says this is for purposes of national defense and local preparedness. Hear from General Bridges, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Miley, the commander of…

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Update News: Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In Wednesday’s news: Sentencing hearing underway for woman who struck and killed Jamison Thrun; Eek man charged with attempted murder in stabbing; Nome Planning Commission tentatively approves West Beach campground; Congressional delegation calls for federal whaling catch limits if IWC does not renew current quotas; Norton Sound Health Corporation receives $2 million to address staffing…

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