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Spot Writing: Once More, with Feeling

Margaret, Karen, and Lauren with Nome high school teacher Justin Heinrich

Time flies! It’s been over a year since my former co-volunteer Lauren and I discussed our experiences writing public service announcements for KNOM’s airwaves.

And with 200+ educational and inspirational spots under my belt now – I have a few more thoughts that I’d like to share on the subject. Join me, won’t you?

Click on the media player above to learn how I’ve interpreted the KNOM values in making compelling radio: telling the truth, making it matter, and never being boring. We’ll listen to a selection of my produced spots that have or will play on for KNOM’s airwaves.

Image at top: Karen (second from right) in late 2016, during a workshop with Nome Beltz High School students on the particulars of writing scripts for radio, especially for public service announcements and spots.