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Understanding NWS’ New Sea Ice Forecasts: Recap of Nov. 21st “Exchange”

Sea ice in the Chukchi Sea

The November 21 episode of Exchange focused on the National Weather Service’s new sea ice forecasts for Alaska. We were joined in the studio by NWS reps Mary Beth Schreck and Rick Thoman.

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The National Weather Service has begun to release new, sea ice forecasts for Alaska. We’re talking sea ice, climate, weather trends, and forecasting on this week’s “Exchange.” Join us.

  • What are your thoughts on NWS’s new Alaska Sea Ice forecasts?
  • Are you familiar with the latest data from the National Weather Service on Alaska’s temperatures?
  • Have you seen sea ice forming near your community? If not, are you wondering when sea ice is coming?

We’re talking sea ice and climate in Western Alaska with in-studio National Weather Service representatives Mary Beth Schreck and Rick Thoman at 11:00am AKST Tuesday, Nov. 21 on 96.1 FM, 780 AM. Join the conversation during the show, or leave a comment below.

Image at top: Small patches of sea ice in the Chuckchi Sea, seen from the US Coast Guard cutter Healy, 2011. Image: public domain.

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