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Story49: “What Happens When Two People Meet Each Other”

Collaborators Ryan Conarro, Gary Beaver, and Justin Perkins before the Nome premier of Alaxsxa | Alaska.

“Alaxsxa | Alaska” is an ambitious new production that combines storytelling, dance, and puppetry to explore the complicated history of cross-cultural encounters in the 49th state, but its creators say what it comes down to is “what happens when two people meet each other.”

This month on Story49, we go behind the scenes with Gary Beaver and Ryan Conarro, two of the show’s collaborators and performers, who crafted stories from their respective experiences as a Yup’ik drummer and dancer who grew up in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, and a white man who moved to Alaska as an adult.

Gary Beaver raises a hand to his mouth as if to call out while performing a Yup'ik dance at the Nome Elementary School.

Gary Beaver performs a Yup’ik dance at the Nome Elementary School before the Nome premiere of “Alaxsxa | Alaska.” Photo: Zoe Grueskin/KNOM.

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Image at top: Collaborators Ryan Conarro, Gary Beaver, and Justin Perkins before the Nome premiere of “Alaxsxa | Alaska.” Photo: Zoe Grueskin, KNOM. You can explore more of the stories Ryan collected around the state about cross-cultural encounters here.

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