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A (Brief) Return to Sight from Sound

Ten years ago (2007), trying to get the perfect shot of a bristlecone pine.

When I was a kid, I would always go camping with my Dad in the month of August.

We’d bring all the usual supplies: camp stove, tent, s’mores supplies, bug spray…you get the picture. However, along with my two pairs of shorts, seven pairs of socks, nestled in with my t-shirts and bathing suit would always be a bag of at least eight disposable cameras.

I loved to take photos on my travels — framing up that perfect shot, capturing some sort of wild animal on film and having some sort of record or proof that I was here, and for my mom or friends back home, something physical to say I was there.

Though I took classes in photography during high school, my interest in photography waned over the years. I focused on other interests, mostly reveling in the creative works of others. However, that itch and compulsion to document what I had seen and where I had been, has resurfaced like never before while living in Nome.

I’ve decided to take a break from audio this week for the blog and spend some time on some more visual content. Below is a small (very small!) collection of some of the photos I have taken in my time here. Make sure to click through the gallery to learn more!

Image at top: A younger me (a decade ago, in fact!) attempts to line up that perfect shot, using some interesting body positioning. Photo courtesy of Harvey Trop.