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Sashaying with Sachets in the Sunlight

2017-18 volunteer Karen soaks up the summer sun.

The concept of “Sun Guilt” — feeling guilty for not maximizing the benefit of limited sunny, fair weather days — is not a concept new to Alaskans. Nor is it a concept new to the audioblog! However, now fully into my second Alaskan summer, I keenly feel the pressures of Sun Guilt like never before.

On one side of this issue is a positive effect: I’m definitely more motivated to get outdoors and try new things (some new activities this summer: field-dressing ptarmigan with Gabe, riding our bikes to Anvil with Zoe, picking berries with basically anyone who is willing, and much more!). On the other side, however, sometimes I overdo it and try to pack too many things into one day and run myself ragged.

In this week’s audioblog, the terrific trio (Gabe, Zoe, and myself) discuss how we balance our desire to soak up the sun and our need to also sleep. Gabe reveals a potential winter exercise routine, and Zoe shares her secrets to a good night’s sleep. Take a listen in the media player above to hear more.

Photo at top: 2017-18 volunteer Karen soaks up the precious summer sun. Photo: Zoe Grueskin/KNOM.