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Reboot, Refresh, Regroup.

2016-2017 Volunteers Davis and Karen

It seems like the recent trend in Hollywood is all about the “reboot.”

Specifically, I’m talking about taking beloved media franchises and refreshing them to blend familiar themes and characters with new stories and adventures. Well, Hollywood, you’re actually late to the party. I like to think that KNOM has been perfecting the reboot game for much longer than “Tinsel Town” had the idea. Because every year, a new batch of volunteers comes in to learn about Western Alaska and radio and “reboots” the station. This year is no different, as we welcome Zoe and Gabe to the 2017-2018 Volunteer Class.

However, as you’ll hear in this week’s audioblog, both Davis and I will be staying in Nome for at least another year. And though as much as it feels like a natural continuation and development of our amazing journey thus far, it also feels very much like a reboot or regrouping to us, too.

In a fast-paced, Hollywood context, many critics are already bemoaning the reboot trend as an example of a lack of originality. But at KNOM, our built-in reboot process ensures originality. Each year, KNOM is a little bit different and a little bit better by inviting new members to come in, bringing unbridled enthusiasm, diverse world views, and innovative perspectives into the mix. And for Davis and I – as I start my second volunteer year and as Davis transitions into his role as a staff member – our pre-existing context and experience will help guide us both in what we already know how to do and in what we will continue to learn in the future.

So yes, sometimes, you can go overboard when rebooting (I’m looking at you, Spider Man franchise!), but at KNOM, the reboot process is a strong pillar for us. The influx of new volunteers and the natural transitions in staff member duties from year-to-year keep us on our toes and encourage us to make the best radio experience that we can offer.

Make sure to take a listen in the media player above to hear me and Davis discuss our respective reboots in detail – including what media franchise we would reboot, ourselves!