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“Gone Country”: An Inside Look Into KNOM’s “AK Country” Show

When we're not tracking down stories across Alaska, we're playing smooth tunes across the airwaves. Davis deejays the “AK Country” Show.

KNOM volunteers handle a multitude of responsibilities at the radio station. Some are daily, weekly, or even seasonal tasks. One of those responsibilities includes hosting a music show once a week and getting some experience as a professional DJ.

As a Virginia boy from a small rural county, KNOM’s Davis Hovey requested to be the musical host for the AK Country show a month or so after he arrived in Nome.

For this week’s audioblog, Davis takes you behind the scenes and discusses what kind of country music he likes to play on the show and how he prepares every week for it, and he shares some samples of the latest episode from this Wednesday. Click the link above to hear more, and feel free to leave suggestions or general comments below. Thanks for listening!