As the Calista Corporation shareholder, I envy the success of Red Dog Mine, at the same time applauding the management of NANA Regional Corporation for delivering their commitment to their shareholder.

Unfortunately, the Calista Corporation has been a battlefield as the Shareholder of the Corporation to the Management and the Board of Directors.

During the first 25 years, since the inception of the corporation. Albert Nicholai has deceived us using the name of Matthew Nicolai, John O’Neill?, along with his accomplishes John Angaiak, and others who knew him from 60’s.

These individuals were involved with the gang related activities in Anchorage, Alaska. Unfortunately, some knew, but suppressed due to their style of manipulating others.

None-the-less, we have survived, and the new generation has arrived, and needs assistance if the battle is required.

As for myself, it is time to retire, since there will be no large amount of illicit drugs to intercept, and Albert Nicolai’s mouth was very important pertaining to information in federal narcotic area.


Paul Lincoln(John)-Newtok.