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City Council and School Board Meet Face-to-Face to Talk About Fiscal Plight

Members of the Nome School Board and Nome City Council meet around a conference table in City Hall.

The Nome School Board met with the City Council on Wednesday to talk about the school budget for fiscal year 2018. The meeting was casual and the atmosphere relaxed, as Superintendent Shawn Arnold explained the financial plight of the Nome Public Schools district.

Similar to the budget meeting April 3rd, Arnold, with help from other school board members, listed a few of the cuts the schools are making.

Cuts include (but are not limited to): 1 librarian, 2 teachers, summer school, 4 instructional aides, and textbooks.

The city heard the school district’s case and proceeded to ask questions of their own. As the conversation developed, City Manager Tom Moran made the upcoming process clear. He said the city will budget for Nome Public Schools’ request. But, he added, there are specifics are still to be decided. The meeting provided understanding but did not bring about any official action or promises.

The final fiscal year 2018 budget was drafted on the 11th, with the final approval from the board due by the end of the month.