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Audio Love Letters

On KNOM's digital studio dedication day, volunteers Karen, Lauren, Tyler, and Davis are gathered in the KNOM lobby.

Ever since I arrived in Nome, I’ve been getting the same question from friends, acquaintances, and even family members back home: “What do you like about Alaska?”

I really like Alaska; I even love it. But it can be hard to come up with examples of why on the spot. I usually end up saying something about the accessibility of nature, something about the closeness of the community, something about the rich heritage of the region. I pause and ramble and jump from point to point. It’s because I like so many things about Alaska that choosing just a few examples feels impossible.

This week, I challenged my fellow volunteers to come to the station with just one object that they love. I figured it would be a fun task for the week of Valentine’s Day. And I have to say, the volunteers really impressed me. Even though they could only bring in one object, they chose items that encapsulate a lot of the bigger themes that make life in Western Alaska so special.

You can hear what the KNOM volunteers love, and why, in this week’s audio blog.