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Board of Game Vetoes “No-Fly” Zones

Photo: Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Recent proposals supported by the Western Arctic Caribou Herd Working Group were rejected at a January 9th Board of Game meeting.

Rejected proposals include the notion of “no-fly” zones that limit where hunters could be flown into and a change in the definition of edible game bird meat.

The last proposition, for Baldwin Peninsula hunters, would have changed what meat could be harvested on smaller game birds. After the rejection, hunters will continue to only collect breast, back, thigh, and leg meat from larger game birds like cranes, swans, and geese.

Corrections: This article was updated 9/16 to change Department of Fish and Game to Board of Game. An earlier version of the article stated that the Board of Game rejected a measure requiring caribou hunters north of the Yukon to get harvest tickets and file hunt reports for the first time was incorrect.