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Story49: Perspectives from Pilgrim Hot Springs

Hot tub and mission buildings at Pilgrim Hot Springs. (Photo: Maddie Winchester, KNOM)

Part 1:

Part 2:

This month, Story49 isn’t focused on a person, and it isn’t centered around an event either. This time, Story49 is all about location. For this special two-part episode, we’re taking a journey through the past, present, and future of Pilgrim Hot Springs.

We’ll hear from a number of voices, including the children of people who grew up at the orphanage, members of the team involved with current and future projects, and others with a deep connection to the springs. And in addition to these interviews, we’ll use a variety of articles and historical documents to begin building an audio component to Pilgrim’s history.

Part one covers the early history of Pilgrim Hot Springs, as well as its time as a roadhouse and later an orphanage, and will air on KNOM (780AM, 96.1FM) on Sunday, July 17th at 6:00pm, and then again Thursday, July 21st at 3:00pm.

In part two, we’ll take a look at Pilgrim after the mission closed, learn about geothermal research and caretaking at the site, and explore current and future plans for the springs. To hear part two, tune in on Sunday, July 24th at 6:00pm and then again on Thursday, July 28th at 3:00pm. Both parts of this episode will also be available online here after the first airing.

If someone you know has a story to share, contact KNOM at 443-5221 or by email at story49@knom.org.

Story49: Sharing your story, your voice, your Alaska.

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