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Nome-Golovin 2016: Full Results and Photos

Nome-Golovin 2016

On a crisp, clear Saturday at high noon, dozens of snowmachines sped down the sea ice of Nome’s Bering Sea coast at near-frantic speeds. Today was the Nome-Golovin Snowmachine Race, the 200-mile, round-trip sprint that begins and ends in the Gold Rush City.

Here are the results; keep scrolling for listings, images, and a few Tweets from today’s race. Congratulations to all of the competitors!

C Class (601+ CC / Open)

PlaceNameFinal Time
1Trey West2:07:09
2Quinn Schaeffer2:09:29
3Lucas Bauman2:10:01
4Johnny Bahnke III2:10:18
5Gabe Schaeffer2:11:24
6Jarvis Miller2:13:09
7Russell Hanshaw2:14:01
8Mike Morgan2:15:05
9George Lambert2:16:26
10Sean Octuck2:20:20
11Alvin Morris2:21:12
12Henry Richards2:21:46
13Robert Richards2:22:40
14Corey Sockpeakluk2:24:47
15Duke McGuffey2:26:14
16Jim West, Jr.2:31:01
17Jeremy Lisbourne2:31:54
18Jon Wongittilin2:46:55

C Class scratches (did not finish): Harley Shield, John Schaeffer, Andrew Harrelson, Bob Saccheus, Jade Greene

B Class (0-600 CC)

1Aaron Loyer2:13:21
2Nicholas Reader2:15:00
3Dickey Moto, Jr.2:18:26
4Harold Lie2:18:50
5Gerald Hughes2:19:52
6Joe Fullwood2:21:37
7Steven Williamson2:21:40
8Ethan Kelso2:26:44
9Norman Sheldon2:31:05
10John Walluk2:38:57
11Roger Nassuk, Sr.2:39:54
12Cory Ennes2:42:43
13Dale Ellanna2:42:54
14Jason West2:51:31
15Mala Otton3:02:17

B Class scratches (did not finish): Jan Westlake, Joe Fagundes, Jeremy Nassuk, Amos Cruise, Roger Hannon, Preston Dixon, Jared Walker, Winter Jones

B Class no-show: Donny Johnson, William Gray

B Class disqualifications: Erik Johnson (according to race officials, Erik did not stop at designated stop line at fuel pit in White Mountain)

A Class (Fan-Cooled)

1Wally Carter, Jr.2:50:27
2Randy Toshavik2:52:00
3Wally Carter, Sr.2:57:46
4Daniel Dickey2:58:27
5Tim James, Sr.3:00:30
6Eric Nassuk3:20:13
7Robert Lane3:57:21

A Class scratches (did not finish): Sonny Fagerstrom, Colton West

Women’s Class

1Dora Hughes1:16:43
2Katie O'Connor1:19:05
3Katie Hannon1:37:26
4Maggie Ahkvaluk1:56:22

Women’s Class scratches (did not finish): Bethany Horton, Raenelle West

Junior Class

1Bubba McDaniel1:29:48

Junior Class no-show: River Jones


  1. Harold lambert on March 12, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    Nice job to everyone involved.

    • Claude on March 12, 2016 at 9:35 pm

      Thanks to Harold n Jaime Lambert for underwriting the race, so K.O.T.Z could air the race so folks in the region were able to tune in also. Great job on the race Nome race committee.

  2. Iron Dog (@irondograce) on March 12, 2016 at 11:03 pm

    As the winner of the 2016 Nome-Golovin race, Tre West earned a free entry for himself and a partner in the 2017 Iron Dog. Congratulations! ‪#‎irondog2017‬

  3. darold dewey on March 13, 2016 at 6:51 am

    Good ,fast riding.

  4. Karen McLane on March 13, 2016 at 7:02 am

    Nice photos David! Also, great job racers and support crews, EMS, fans of the race!!

  5. […] officials accounted for the staggered start times and calculated the official results, West was declared the race’s overall winner with a time of 2:07:09. That was just two minutes […]