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KNOM Exchange: Marine Mammals

Our EXCHANGE for February 18th is over. Thanks to everyone who called in and shared their comments online. A special thank you to our in-studio guests Gay Sheffield, Vera Metcalf and Brandan Ahmasuk.

On the EXCHANGE this week, we discussed all things marine mammals. Gay Sheffield with the UAF Marine Advisory Program, Brandon Ahmasuk, Subsistence Director at Kawerak, Inc. and Vera Metcalf with the Eskimo Walrus Commission at Kawerak, Inc. joined us in the studio.

We discussed the recent visit from the Marine Mammal Commission, marine mammal strandings, and other topics. Roger in White Mountain shared his thoughts about the ever-changing climate affecting marine mammals. Michael in Emmonak discussed how sick wildlife also affect marine mammals as well as the need for more protected areas in the Bering Sea.

Thank you for joining the conversation. Tune in for our next KNOM Exchange in April.