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Let’s Tell Legends and Stories: Sedna

Peoples across the North have told her story many times in many places.

Listen to the story of Sedna, the young girl whose tragic betrayal brought Arctic mammals to the world.

(This program was first broadcast on August 30, 2015.)


This story was written by Rachel Qitsualik, and published in a series of columns in Nunatsiaq newspaper in 1999 under the title “The Problem of Sedna.”

Thank you to Marjorie Tahbone for narrating this story. Our introduction is voiced by Yaayuk Alvanna-Stimpfle, Vera Metcalf, and Katya Wassillie.

Audio for some of the sound effects in this episode came from FreeSound.org, including: “Kajakki Melonta Kanootti” by YleArkisto (CC), “Woman Scream” by MaderaDelEste Films (CC), “Cracking Knuckles” by CGEffex (CC), “Door-ThudWhamWhack” by Hitrison (CC), and “Long Scream” by Plagasul (CC).

The arctic tern call was recorded by Fernand Deroussen and shared on www.xeno-canto.org: file XC135852 (CC).

This episode featured the music from Kai Engel’s album The Scope, including “Curtains are Always Drawn,” “Silence,” and “Mists and Clouds” (CC) available on FreeMusicArchive.org, and our theme music is an excerpt from “Together In The Empty”(Dexter Britain) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.