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Story49: Live Storytelling Event

“The more people get to know each other as people, the better off we all are.”

– Matt Rafferty, Arctic Entries

What does it take to tell a good story? And why does it matter? On April 4th, Anchorage-based non-profit Arctic Entries teamed up with the Nome Arts Council to bring a live storytelling event to Nome. Seven local people had seven minutes to tell a true story on the theme: “Food. Stories of Gathering, Traditions and $18 Orange Juice”.

On this month’s one-hour Story49, you’ll hear from Arctic Entries volunteer Matt Rafferty and Nome Arts Council member Laureli Ivanoff about why they collaborated to bring this event to Nome. Afterward, you’ll hear all seven stories as told at the live event by the following locals:

Rick Anderson

Sam Cross

Yaayuk Alvanna-Stimpfle

Charlie Lean

Lahka Peacock

Lisa Leeper

Marjorie Tahbone

You can listen above, or tune into KNOM on Sunday, April 19th at 6pm and Thursday, April 23rd at 3pm.