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Nome-Golovin 2015: Meet a Few Racers

Nome-Golovin 2015 Sign-Up Table

At a Thursday meeting this week at the Nome Armory, the competitors of Nome-Golovin 2015 signed up, received their bibs, and, in some cases, chatted with KNOM.

Here are a few of their interviews (in no particular order). Best of luck to all the competitors today!

Thursday's racer meeting, Nome-Golovin 2015

Thursday’s racer meeting for Nome-Golovin 2015 at the Nome Armory. Photo: Jenn Ruckel, KNOM.

Mike Morgan:

Tre West:

Dylan Pomerenke:

Nicholas Reader:

Dora Hughes:

Roger Hannon:

Bob Saccheus:

Shantah Esparza: