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Profile: Harlan Heinrich Joins Nome Beltz as New Principal

At closing bell, now two weeks into the academic year, you’ll likely see some new faces pouring out of the Nome Public Schools—teachers, staff, students eager for the year ahead. One new face, in particular, is the new principal at Nome Beltz Jr/Sr High School.

Harlan Heinrich has 40 years of experience in the classroom—over 10 of those in rural Alaskan schools. He’s only been in Nome for a couple of weeks, but Heinrich is already brainstorming what he can bring to Nome Beltz—starting with an emphasis on culture in the high school education.

“If we can engage more cultural integration into our school day—it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the curriculum, but into our school day,” said Heinrich. “A visit on occasion with some of the elders in the community—it really enriches the education of the students.”

Heinrich said after almost two weeks on the job, he’s feeling enthusiastic about the year ahead—and luckily, the students seem energetic, too. Listen to hear more about Heinrich’s journey to Nome Public Schools and his plans for the year.