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Sounding Board: Western Alaska Heads Back to School

School starts this week for Nome Public Schools and the Bering Strait School District. Photo: meddygarnet via Flickr Creative Commons

Our August 21 episode of Sounding Board, “Western Alaska Goes Back to School,” is over. Thank you to our listeners who shared their thoughts in with phone calls and emails.

We had calls from Joanne in Unalakleet who spoke of her grandson’s experience in the Anchorage School District, as well as her daughter’s experience in the Bering Strait School District. We also received a call from Nome Public Schools Superintendent Steve Gast, and an email from Lawrence at Mary’s Igloo.

Our show also featured interviews from White Mountain Principal Andrew Haviland and new Nome-Beltz High School Principal Harlan Heinrich.

Listen to the full episode above, and tune in August 28 for the next episode of Sounding Board.

Tie those shoes and grab your backpack, ’cause this week on Sounding Board, we’re going back to school.

Summer is wrapping up and students are heading to the classrooms of Western Alaska. We want to hear from you about the year ahead. Hopes, goals—everything from favorite teachers to creative ways of staying awake in math class…just kidding…maybe…

Tune in and call in this Thursday, August 21 at 10 a.m. to share your thoughts on the new school year. No matter what role you play in your community, we want to hear how you engage with your school and support your students.

  • Is your community actively involved in your school?
  • Families, how are you helping your students succeed this year?
  • If you work at a school, what are your goals for the year?
  • Students, what are you looking forward to at school? How will you balance classes with hunting, fishing, berry picking and other traditional activities?