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Sounding Board: Alaska’s Oil Tax Future

The Alaska oil pipeline, just north of Fairbanks, taken Feb. 25, 2013. Photo: Malcolm Manners via Flickr Creative Commons.

Our August 14 episode of Sounding Board, “Alaska’s Oil Tax Future,” is over. Thank you to our callers, who shared their thoughts on the oil tax issue.

In our first two calls, we heard from Gail in Anchorage, who said she is originally from Nome and working with the “Vote No on One” issue. Leo in Nome also called in and said he supports voting “no” on Ballot Measure 1.

Calling in support of voting “yes” on Ballot Measure 1 was Sue in Nome, Jim in Teller, Eric in Nome, Chuck in Nome, and Joanne in Unalakleet. We also heard from gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker, who called from Nome and said he will vote “yes.” State Senator Donny Olson (D-Golovin) also called in and said he will vote “yes” on one.

Listen to the full episode above, and tune in August 21 for the next episode of Sounding Board.

This week on Sounding Board (Thursday, August 14 at 10 a.m.) we’re talking about Alaska’s oil tax future and the August 19 vote on Ballot Measure 1.

What do you think about Ballot Measure 1, the vote to keep or repeal Alaska’s new oil tax system?

In 2013, Governor Sean Parnell and the state legislature passed sweeping reform of the state’s oil tax system.  The new law is called MAPA, short for “More Alaska Production Act.”

But after collecting more than 40,000 signatures from Alaska voters, a group opposed to the new oil taxes pushed to get the new oil tax system put to a public vote. If repealed, Alaska would return to the ACES tax system—short for “Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share”—introduced under Governor Sarah Palin.

Supporters of MAPA say the new tax laws will spur production and investments in new oil for years to come; opponents of MAPA say the tax system loses valuable revenue to oil companies collecting tax breaks, and argue that ACES would be better for the state.

A vote “yes” on Ballot Measure 1 will repeal the new MAPA system and reinstate ACES; a vote “no” on Ballot Measure 1 will keep MAPA on the books.

Learn more at the Division of Election’s website for Ballot Measure 1, where you can also read the Division’s three-page explanation of Ballot Measure 1.

  • What do you think is the right path for Alaska’s oil taxes?
  • What do you see in your community that makes the question of oil taxes important to your daily life?
  • What questions do you have about the oil tax issue and what it means for Alaska?
  • Will you be voting in the August 19 primary, or is the oil tax debate something you’ll sit out?


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