The federal law (10 USC, sec. 2031) stipulates that a JROTC unit can only be maintained at a school if it has at least 100 students or 10% of the student population. According to military regulations, if the Nome district’s JROTC unit is in at least its third year and drops below that minimum, it must be placed on probation and then disbanded if it does not have the satutory minimum by the beginning of the next school year. It sounds like Nome is not aware that it is in violation of the US Code.

With only “30-something” students, the class is a financial drain that even the Air Force would presumably not want. The JROTC program contract requires two full-time instructors to be employed for the first 150 students–even if the actual number is only 30; and the standard federal subsidy is limited to an amount that does not cover even half the total personnel cost (i.e., salary plus benefits and taxes) for the two instructors.