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Kotzebue Man Faces Felony Assault Charges for Beach Hit-and-Run

The community of Kotzebue from the ShoreZone survey, taken July 22, 2012. Photo: ShoreZone via Flickr Creative Commons.

The community of Kotzebue photographed in July 2012. Photo: ShoreZone via Flickr Creative Commons.

A Kotzebue man is facing felony assault charges after police say he hit a woman with his car and drove away during a beach party.

Court documents show that the victim was in the Kotzebue emergency room at the Maniilaq Health Center Sunday just after 1:30 a.m. She told a nurse she had been hit by a car.

A Kotzebue police officer responded to the health center. Through interviews with the victim and multiple witnesses, the officer wrote in a court affidavit that Kevin Hansen, 23, backed his truck up at a high rate of speed during a party on the beach Saturday June 14, hitting the victim with the vehicle before driving off.

The officer investigating the incident said Hansen did not notify anyone of the collision. Court documents show several witnesses—and Hansen himself—told the officer that Hansen instead drove further down the beach, where he remained for several hours.

Court records show the victim suffered multiple bruises and lacerations as well as a broken tailbone. A second victim sustained minor injuries to his thumb and shoulder.

Hansen was formally charged in Kotzebue court Monday on felony counts of second- and third-degree assault. He also faces charges for leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving.

Hansen was assigned a public defender but Nome lawyer Erin M. Lillie took over the case. Hansen’s bail was set at $15,000 cash. Lillie said Friday Hansen is out on bail and had no comment on the case.

2 Responses to “Kotzebue Man Faces Felony Assault Charges for Beach Hit-and-Run”

  1. Mildred

    This story is a joke. I don’t understand why KNOM is the first to report such a story with misrepresented facts, regarding a Kotzebue incident. You don’t see KOTZ or the Arctic Sounder writing such distorted stories from the Yukon Delta or Bering Strait areas.

    Show some integrity in your work, this isn’t the National Enquirer.

    • David Dodman

      Hi Mildred,

      I’m sure our news department would be eager to know how, in your view, the facts of this story have been misrepresented. I’d encourage you to contact us.


      Web Director, KNOM

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