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Story49: Janelle Everett

Muktuk (photo credit: Panganga Pungowiyi)

June’s episode of Story49 is all about food. Please join Janelle Everett of Barrow, Alaska, as she describes how she combines the southern home-style cooking that she grew up eating with traditional Alaska Native foods. This episode of Story49 will be divided into two acts. Act I: Eat; Act II: Or be eaten.

Act 1: Eat. In Act I, Janelle speaks about her favorite fusion cuisine: combining Southern homestyle cooking with traditional Alaska Native foods. Janelle sees meal preparation as an opportunity for both cultural exchange and culinary innovation, and she shares the foods that she and her friends create with her family in Alabama.

Act II: Or be eaten. In Act II, Janelle describes her experiences adjusting to the realities of wildlife in rural Alaska. Living in Barrow has made her very aware of her own place on the food chain.