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Black Bean (and Avocado) Burrito on Breakfast Wednesday

Author: Willa L; Wikimedia CC

Ahhh… alliteration at its finest. This week on Breakfast Wednesday, the Black Bean (and Avocado) Burrito! It was most definitely a hit, with one of our biggest turn-outs yet.

Now I will admit, I did not follow the recipe to a T. But that’s the beauty of cooking, right? We discussed on-air how sometimes you have to be flexible, depending on the number of people you’re serving and what the timing looks like. Always check out the recipe before you actually have to make it. It would have been beneficial to cut and prep the vegetables the night before, to make cooking in the morning a bit easier. Prep time and cook time said 15 minutes each, but with the serving size multiplied by about ten, more time was definitely needed. That’s okay though- you live and you learn!

The recipe said it makes two burritos. Knowing we had to cook for a larger crowd, two red peppers were used, two red onions, three cans of black beans, and larger-ish dashes of spices. Rather than putting the cilantro into the black bean mix, it was put it on the side, so those that don’t like cilantro wouldn’t be pushed away from eating the burritos.

The tortillas ran out by the end (we had just enough!) but that sparked the discussion on how delicious burrito bowls can be. It’s literally just the insides of a burrito put into a bowl. Less mess, less carbs, and everybody is happy!

Here’s the link to the recipe. (You’ll have to scroll down a bit.) Check it out, and burrito it up!

Special thanks to the Summercise Interns for picking a great recipe. You guys rock ^_^