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Earthquake Near Brevig Mission Rattles Seward Peninsula

Earthquake near Brevig Mission and Teller

Seward Peninsula residents may have felt a jolt Thursday night after a magnitude 4.36 earthquake struck five miles east of Teller and Brevig Mission.

Workers at the Brevig Mission and Teller community health clinics said the quake was felt around 10:40 p.m. in both villages, but the shaking was brief. At least one Nome resident reported feeling the quake, despite its epicenter being located 64 miles away.

Dick Kugzruk, a community health aide at the Teller clinic, said it “felt like it shook for close to to a minute” and knocked over supplies in the clinic’s closet.

“I lived in the city before and it felt like a big truck was passing by,” he said.

There were no reports of injuries or damages as of Friday morning.

The Alaska Earthquake Information Center says the quake originated about a mile below the surface along the north bank of Peterboro Creek, just west of where Peterboro and Bay Creek meet.

The temblor comes after a strong 5.6 quake and dozens of powerful aftershocks near Noatak rocked northwest Alaska last Friday and through this week. That quake was one of the strongest recorded in northwest Alaska in more than 30 years of record keeping, seismologists at the earthquake center say.

The center said the latest quake near Teller and Brevig Mission don’t appear to be related to those larger quakes farther north.