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Nome Police Seek ‘Suspicious’ Man Approaching Children

The Nome Police Department is cautioning residents of a “suspicious” man approaching children and offering them candy after two such reports in as many weeks.

In a Thursday release from the department, NPD described a white man “with long hair and a long beard” approaching homes in the apartment complex on 5th Avenue.

Police say the man knocked on the door of an apartment and, after the door was opened by a child, the man asked if the child “wanted to go back to go to his house and have some candy.”

Police say the child “slammed the door and locked it.”

Officers responded to the area but didn’t locate a suspect. They said he possibly lives near the 26-unit apartment complex.

Police said the intentions of the man remain unknown, but noted it was the second time they had responded to such a call in the past two weeks. NPD is cautioning parents and the public to secure their doors and instruct children how to deal with scenarios like accepting offers or gifts from strangers.

Nome Police are asking anyone with information on the man to call 443-5262.