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Leading the Norwegians into Nome in fourth: Joar Leifseth Ulsom

Joar Leifseth Ulsom, Norway’s leader in this year’s Iditarod, pulled under the burled arch at 10:01am this morning, completing Iditarod 42 in 8 days 19 hours 1 minute and 1 second. Ulsom improved on last year’s finish, in seventh place as “Rookie of the Year,” by pulling into Nome in fourth place for Iditarod 42.

Holding the lead Norwegian spot was a pleasant surprise to Joar, as he knew he was competing against several accomplished teams from his home country this year. 2014 marked a noteable year for Norway in the Iditarod, as five Norwegian teams participated, including 2-time Iditarod champion Robert Sorlie, Ralph Johannessen, and rookies Yvonne Dabakk and Tommy Jordbrudal.

Veteran Norwegian musher Sorlie told ABC news that “the Iditarod is the world standard, and that’s what has drawn so many Norwegians to Alaska this year.” The Norwegians brought a new level of competition to the field of mushers this year, as many agreed at the start of the race that the field was fierce with competition, representing the best mushers in the world.

Hear Joar Leifseth Ulsom’s arrival to a big crowd under the burled arch Tuesday morning: