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On-Air Update: Sunday, March 9 (12p)

The top seven leaders of Iditarod 42 are out of Shaktoolik, continuing the run on the bare, icy, tundra of a trail up the coast. As Aliy remains in lead, followers may actually have an advantage as their dogs are following her scent over a somewhat new trail compared to past years. Reroute after reroute, the trail skirts around the coast this year, rather than the over sea ice, creating unfamiliar territory for veteran dogs.

Hear Zach and Kelly dig into the current standings as of noon. They share an interview with Jeff King from Unalakleet, pleased with his position as he’s finally in the midst of the leaders. And hear Aliy Zirkle arrive first to the coast yesterday evening, surprised not to find Martin Buser ahead of her.