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On-Air Update: Saturday, March 8 (12p)

As of 12 o’clock today, leading mushers are charging the end of the Yukon toward Unalakleet, leapfrogging positions, fighting their way to the coast. Daynee and Ric chat in Studio A about the standings, run times, and the expected rough trail ahead as mushers hit Unalakleet and head north west along the coast.

With relatively low snow this winter, as seen in the south central part of the state, coupled with unseasonably warm temperatures, the west coast of Alaska will present another tough trail at the end of this grueling Iditarod.

The run on the Yukon presented snow, cool temperatures, and a respite from the brutal conditions presented the first few days of the trail. Hopefully the mushers have renewed mental strength and rest in themselves and their dogs to push through to the finish in Nome.