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On-Air Update: Wednesday, March 5 (12p)

This afternoon’s news is 24 hour layovers: some mushers like Zirkle and Petit are taking them, some like Buser and Maixner have them completed, and a handful of mushers are continuing up the trail to Cripple, delaying their 24 a little longer. That pack, led by Aaron Burmeister, includes Jeff King, Sonny Lindner, John Baker and Paul Gebhardt.

Zach and Daynee tackle the standings as of noon and chat with KNOM’s trail reporter Laureli Kinneen, calling in live from Takotna. Laureli reports on the group of 16 mushers currently taking their 24 hour layover there. Certainly more will arrive throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

Laureli also comments on the status of the teams parked in Takotna, impressed by the sheer numbers of dogs at this point on the trail. This is evidence, despite the rough trail up to this point, the dogs are faring very well. Hear more from the ground on the trail: