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In Takotna, Karin Hendrickson: with “bruises and injuries… we’re all so sore”

Karin Hendrickson in Takotna

“It was terrible,” Karin Hendrickson says of the early sections of trail in this year’s Iditarod.

“I’m surprised anybody made it across in one piece… it wasn’t anything you would look at and think you could take a dog team over.”

In Takotna, Hendrickson talked with Laureli Kinneen about her race up to now. It’s been a very difficult race, at times, to stay on the sled, she says. “All of us mushers are so beat up (with) bruises and injuries… we’re all so sore.”

In Takotna, where she’ll take her mandatory 24-hour layover (as many mushers do), it’s a chance to rest herself and her 15 dogs.

Hear Karin Hendrickson in Takotna:

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  1. Mary Brinkman on March 7, 2014 at 4:17 am

    Just listened to Karin’s interview. Thanks for the email letting me know about it. The mushers and dogs are just amazing to read about. Hope Karin doesn’t get beat up too much more. Mary