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In photos: Takotna

Nell and the cooking crew

The hospitality of Takotna – especially the quality of its food – is well known. The cooking crew headed up by Nell (pictured foreground) makes it all happen.

For many mushers in each year’s Iditarod, the Takotna checkpoint is all about rest – specifically, 24 hours of it.

Those who choose to linger here for their mandatory 24-hour layover are rewarded with beautiful views, relative quiet, and an ample, almost seemingly endless selection of fruit pies and hearty meals.

3 Responses to “In photos: Takotna”

  1. Bobbie Varien

    I thoroughly enjoyed the photos. Good luck to all the mushers and their “puppies”. Have a safe journey. I hear there is no snow up there.
    Do you need wheels??????

    • Laura Collins

      Thanks for stopping by to check out the site! Snow is certainly sparse this year, but at this point in the trail, seems things are enough to make mushing a pleasure. We’ll see how things go when they hit the coast! Wheels might be necessary. Things are certainly pretty bare in Nome this year.

  2. Larry Phillips

    Nell and the community of Takotna you Rock!

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